Bai Min

Bandit Extroardinaire


As a hengeyokai skilled in shape-changing magic, Bai-Min has an assortment of forms at her command. When she isn’t using her talents to appear as someone else, she assumes one of the following three forms.

As a human she appears as a soft-featured, dark-haired young woman with a lean figure. She typically dresses in black, comfortable peasant clothing and keeps her long, dark hair combed and put up.

As a hybrid she combines the features of a black cat with her normal human form—she loses her long hair but grows dark fur, her features change to those of a cat’s and she sprouts a long tail. In this form her wicked smile is particularly memorable.

As a cat she appears as a small black house cat with white coloration on her front paws and is otherwise unremarkable.


The Crane and Cat Bandits are well enough known in several provinces for their predations on travelers and even a few caravans, though never to the point of being truly hunted. Known for their distinct appearances and skills, they have been known both to ply their own routes and to accept contracts from others.

The Lanterns ran into Bai-Min and her associate, Tong-Lao, after they kidnappedthe Lady Ren. After Tong-Lao’s demise at the hands of their employer (with a little help from the Lanterns, who defeated them in combat), she agreed to assist them in taking down those responsible.

Bai Min

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